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25 Nov 2017
Converting Geospatial Files Using ogr2ogr in Scala

23 Nov 2017
Find a Geospatial File’s SRID Using Scala and GDAL

04 Aug 2014
Line Graphs and Parallel Processing in R

24 Jul 2014
Harvesting Our Cities’ Land for Dollars

12 Jun 2014
Spot the Suburbs

16 Jan 2014
UNB Strike - It’s a Revenue Problem, Not a Fairness Problem

15 Jan 2014
UNB Strike - Professor’s Salaries, and How They Compare to Their President’s Salaries.

14 Jan 2014
The UNB Strike, by the Numbers - UNB Operating Grant

22 Dec 2013
The Small Towns and Deserts of Canada

03 Dec 2013
Mapping New Brunswick With Only Properties